Insurance Payment

Root policies last six months and drivers have the option of paying all of their car insurance in one go or in monthly installments. Payments are made through the app and policyholders can use a credit card or Apple Pay. The application also includes your proof of insurance, but the company will also send you a separate insurance card.


If you choose to pay in installments, select a payment date in the app. You can also change your payment frequency between monthly and full in the app.

Details About Payment 

After six months, your root insurance premium may increase to the next term of the policy. While the main factor that determines your rate is how you drive, other factors play a role and can cause your rate to increase. These factors may include:

  • Drivers listed on your policy
  • The cars listed on your policy
  • Your driving history (eg tickets)
  • Strong climate change
  • The accident around you
  • The price of cars around you.

Root Insurance also adjusts premiums based on the accuracy of its own cost projections over a given six-month period. Fees increase when premium income is less than the cost of paying claims; Premium rates fall when premium income exceeds the cost of paying claims.


Some customers have complained about skyrocketing rates after the initial term of the policy. Buyers should therefore be aware that the fee offered to them upon completion of the test drive can increase significantly even if there is no change on your part as a driver.

Buyers should also note that Root tracks their data after the test drive. The company says it will stop using the score to evaluate you after the test drive. The company’s privacy policy means that you can change your data sharing permissions even after the trial period.