Frequently Asked Questions

It has been announced today that Root Insurance, the first auto insurer to incorporate individual driving behaviors into each of its ads, has closed a $51 million Series C funding round led by Redpoint Ventures with Scale Venture Partners and existing partner Ribbit Capital.


Also known to participate in this round of financing are Silicon Valley Bank Capital Partners and Silicon Valley Asset Management. Through the new funds, the company intends on expanding to new states, continuing to invest in technology that will significantly improve the customer experience, and expanding into new states.

Frequently Asked Questions

How satisfied are Roots Assurance customers?

Researching claims about Root Insurance company can help drivers know if the insurance company is right for them.

Consumer complaints about insurers are collected by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). It sets the average number of complaints in the industry at 1.0, which means that a company with a score of 0.5 has half the number of complaints on average. According to the NAIC, Root’s score is 3.98, which means the company receives nearly four times as many complaints as the average in the industry.

Why is personal protection important?

Personal Injury Protection covers medical expenses and lost wages for you and your family members, regardless of the cause of the accident. Learn more about choosing injury protection. Personal injury insurance covers the medical bills and lost wages resulting from accidents. Your state may require this coverage.

What Are The Important Details to be remembered?

Some states offer medical payments, others offer personal injury protection. Some offer both.

All no-fault states require you to have personal injury insurance.Not sure if you need health or personal injury insurance coverage? Don’t worry. Our app makes sure you have the right coverage for your state.

More Details About Roadside Assistance

  • Roadside assistance is included in all policies.
  • If you need roadside assistance, please make a request via the app. Our roadside assistance partner will be happy to assist you.
  • In case you opt to use another roadside assistance provider, please email all refund receipts to [email protected].
  • For vehicles on your policy, you are insured for three incidents per vehicle, per 6-month policy term, up to $100 per incident.